Adam Tornen

Founder of Kidspreneur

Adam Tornen, one of the founders of Kidspreneur, in an interview posted on www.youngentrepreneur.com, stated that the most obvious qualities that kids naturally possess that are favorable to entrepreneurship are:-

  •  A natural curiosity
  • A willingness to take risks
  • Abundant amounts of energy
  • Lack of experience – Adults have learned “what works and what doesn’t work” from their own experiences and from what others have told them.  At some point, a lot of adults stop trying new things or lose the ability for true outside-the-box thinking, while it is the opposite for kids
  • Kids now are growing up in a world that is changing more rapidly all the time, they tend to be more accepting of change and are able to adjust quickly as new technologies and market fluctuations alter the business landscape.
  •  This is an advantage.

    This is what the WABY Say Yes!!! Programme intends to do with the youths in Laventille.