Services Offered By WABY

WABY has planned, organized and executed many events for their young members and the community at large. Their main service offerings are formulated to deter their members from going down the wrong path and bringing the community together. The services offered include, Sunday school, socializing activities (outings), Literacy sessions, sporting activities, and other character enhancement sessions. See below

  1. Sunday School
  2. Activity Sunday
    • Cooking
    • Fun day
    • Board Game day
    • Zoo visit
    • And other fun activities
  3. Social and Historical Outings
    • San Fernando Hills
    • Savannah (sports and activity)
    • Fun Splash
    • Library Visits
    • Museum Visits
  4. Sports and Family Day
  5. Christmas Concerts
  6. Literacy Assistance
    • Home Work
    • School Base Assessment
    • Maths and Reading afternoon sessions
  7. Financial Grants
    • SEA grants
    • University grants
  8. Assistance to Needy Community Members
    • Groceries and hampers