History of WABY

WABY was formally opened with a ceremony on Sunday 17th February, 2008 with approximately thirty (30) children present. Currently, there are sixty-five children registered with fifty-five in active attendance. The children of WABY group, thus far range between the ages one (1) to sixteen (16).

The group came into existence as an immediate community response, to the loss of seven (7) teenagers, to gun violence. It was the last murder that occurred on Ovid Alley, Laventille that prompted the beginnings of WABY.

In addition, the executives believed that it was the community members who through organized events such as Sunday School, August school, Sports and Christmas events were able to save their generation from all the negatives of the environment. As such, they felt that it was necessary to save this current generation of young people by giving back to the community through the WABY group as their parents and other senior community members did.

Currently, there are seven (7) members in WABY’s executive who voluntarily dedicate their time, energy and resources to enhance the lives of the members of the group. WABY is governed by a constitution which was agreed upon by the executive to set guidelines for the group’s operation. These guidelines can and will be revised if and when necessary through voting by the Executives. Elections are held yearly to ensure democracy among the members who may want to serve in a different capacity.

One of the main functions of WABY is to provide a haven in the form of a group, to troubled young people. In today’s society, many young people do not have an outlet to express themselves or obtain encouragement from their homes to elevate them. Therefore, the WABY Executives believe it’s necessary to reach out to these young persons in an effort to give support to them in all their positive endeavours.