Who we are?

Initially it was designed for the 12-16+ years age group but has been adapted to suit the 5-7 and 8-11 age groups as well. The programme was piloted as a one year programme (2013-2014) delivering 12 entrepreneurship and self-empowerment modules to the participants

After the pilot, the programme was expanded to a three year programme. Two years contact and one year mentorship

Since then, two cycles have been completed and an average of 75 youth reached, with the conceptual model and practical applications for entrepreneurship and self empowerment

Some over 12+ male have also had one to one mentorship in 2015-2016.

Sessions occur three Saturdays each month for three hours at a designated location, usually UWI Roytec, on Charlotte Street. However, there are also field trips and sales days at other locations

The programme is supported by Advisory Leadership Committee, Executive Advisory Leadership Committee & Volunteers (Community & Non-Community)

The programme is funded by both Corporate and Individual Social Tithing Partners

Future plans, include expanding to other areas in Trinidad, Tobago and Regionally



Contact us

868-484-0575 or 868-765-8320


50 Ovid Alley, Laventille, East Dry River, Port of Spain